The world's very first shoes to board binding adapters.

Fix your favourite sneakers to any kiteboard or wakeboard and get the new feeling of riding!

Since february 2019.

Fixed feeling, but safe.

Get your kitesurfing to the next level easily.

Shoes are definitely comfortable and keep your feet in perfect position.
Choppy water, jumps with rotations, unhooked tricks, become easier to face when feet stay still on board.

The real deal comes in safeness. Don’t worry about crash in water. You’ll loose the board if it needs, or you stll get it if you land sketchy.


Live the new feeling to ride your kite or wake board with your favourite shoes.

Get your kiteboarding or wakeboarding to the next level without compromising your legs!
Your feets will slip off in bad crashes, while you’ll stay on the go in schetcky ones without loose the board.
Effective also for freeride riding in choppy water.
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