The world's very first shoe binding system
for twintip kiteboards and wakeboards.

SHFIX binding system

Take your ride to the next level. Safely.

Starting from simple ride, the comfort of a sneaker is unbeatable. 

SHFIX constantly maintain a natural cohesion to the board while safety is guaranteed as the feet come out of the shoes in case of impact of the edges of the board with the water. Using elastic laces will increase the aperture capacity of the shoes, letting you get out, safer, ever.

The missing choice between straps and boots.


The lightness of the shoe system compared to the boots allows you to enjoy equipment that is easier to use even in light wind conditions.


SHFIX system allows it to be reused almost indefinitely when the shoes need to be changed.


Compact as a standard pad & straps system, and lighter than boots bindings.

Fixed feeling, but safe.​

to the next level.

Shoes are definitely comfortable and keep always your feet in perfect position; choppy water, jumps, rotations, unhooked tricks, become easier to face when feet stay still on board.​

No more
painful hurts

The real deal comes in safeness.

Don’t worry about crash in water.

You’ll loose the board if it needs, or you stll get it if you land sketchy.​



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