Experience and addiction to kitesurfing
pursuing new possibilities for safer riding.

As a freestyle lover, I struggled riding boots for years, getting smashed, crashed and hurted time by time.

SHFIX binding system
between straps and boots.

I Kitesurfing since 2003, when we all used the board with foot straps. after some years I feel them weak, thus I started to wear wakeboard boots. The fixed riding feeling with the board enhanced my practice, delivering me a superior control. In other hands, was difficult to ride them in light wind conditions, furthermore they caused me small and big injures. Last one was decisional to me, for walking a new road towards a weird idea I had in times before.

As designer, I’ve drawn a shape to clamp the sole of any shoes between two plates. Then I produced it in water grade aluminium and fixed to my board and test it in February 2019.

I found that I had achieved my goal from day one: comfort, fixed feeling and finally, safeness.

SHFIX is dustable for all levels of riders, any wind and water conditions and allows anyone to improve quickly.



The overall feeling is compared to boots riding, while the lightness, the ease to fit it, and the light wind performance are much better.


Don't worry about water crash. Shoes has a wide opening, and in case the board hit the water with a lip, you'll loose it, easier than foot straps. Elastic laces are recommended.


SHFIX system allows it to be reused almost indefinitely when the shoes need to be changed or you want to change shoes style or color.


Any size and any kind. From kids size to big feet ones.


Compact and light. Fits easy in your travel bag without the need to unscrew it.


The possibility of losing the board is important to reduce the impact with the water.

Kitesurfing injures are a fact, and this aspect is often straight to the way the rider is connected to the board.

Straps are considered safe as the foot is partially inserted. On the other hand, they do not allow to maintain a strong cohesion to the board in jumps or in rough sea conditions.

Boots riding, always ensure a strong hold on the feet, but they are heavy, require more time to be fastened and in the event of a fall they do not let go and increase the brunt of the impact which can be very serious, involving. ankles, knees, back and chest.

Shoes has a wide opening in the upper, and combined to elastic laces, offer a great way out for your feet in case of hard crash, while maintain a superior cohesion in any ride condition, jumps, and landing.


A new way of experiencing kitesurfing.

SHFIX binding system take place between straps and boots.

From simple navigation, it adds perfect control of your board, super comfort of shoes, and great performance in jumps. Safety is guaranteed by the fact that the feet come out of the shoes in case of impact of the edges of the board with the water.